How to Fundraise During the Holidays: December 2013


By: Taryn Rosenkranz, Founder & CEO, New Blue Interactive

Traditionally, Q4 fundraising is the toughest. In an election year, it comes right after the election, so most people have campaign fatigue. In an off year, you still have the holidays to navigate. So how do you make your fundraising goals during this difficult time?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.    Petitions. A good way to keep your list engaged is to continue to act on the hottest issues that are happening around the country. If you can take advantage of these opportunities, you will be able to raise some money off of the petition upsell fundraising page.

2.     Utilize your offline holiday mailing.
 Are you sending a holiday card via regular mail? Make sure to include a way for people to contribute to your campaign, either by providing a mail-in card or a website address where they can give.

3.    Sustainer asks. The holiday season is a perfect time to ask for monthly donations. Since the election is exactly one year away, people can pledge their support for the coming year.

4.    Cover all your platforms. Make sure you’re asking for contributions on all your digital platforms. Facebook and Twitter can provide an additional source of revenue.

With some creative emailing and fundraising asks, you should be able to have a successful fourth quarter.

For more information and ideas on how to capitalize on your online fundraise program, please contact our team.

Taryn Rosenkranz is considered to be one of the premier digital campaign strategists in the country — most recently being named a winner of the prestigious 2013 CampaignTech Innovator of the Year award by Campaigns & Elections magazine. She has helped hundreds of campaigns, non-profits and companies raise millions of dollars online. You can read more about Taryn and her work here.

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