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ROLL CALL: New Blue Interactive CEO Taryn Rosenkranz discusses the ‘Green Wave’ in 2020

Will the ‘green wave’ return for House Democrats? Read on here:

New Blue Interactive CEO Taryn Rosenkranz Discusses 2020 Contenders’ PAC Refusals on NPR

“Democratic Presidential Candidates Say ‘No’ To Corporate PAC Money” on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition View Full Video Here

CEO of New Blue Interactive Taryn Rosenkranz weighs in on which side will cave first in the border wall funding battle.

“Uncertainty rises as Congress pushes border wall funding for spending bill into 2019: Are we any closer to a deal?” View Full Video Here

Democrats rake in big bucks from small donors, but effect is unpredictable

“If you make it easy for a person to get involved, they will,” says Taryn Rosenkranz, founder and chief executive of New Blue Interactive, a […]

In the News: Taryn Rosenkranz Featured on NPR Talking About the Importance of Using Ad Campaigns to Fundraise.

“OVERBY: And the campaign raised $300,000 or $400,000. The essential ingredient of viral videos has to be authenticity. Taryn Rosenkranz is CEO of a consulting […]

There’s A $500,000 Gender Gap When It Comes To Campaign Fundraising

“For the last 20 years for sure they just have always trailed behind,” said Taryn Rosenkranz, founder of New Blue Digital Strategies, a liberal consulting […]

In the News: Georgia special election smashes all-time spending record

That staggering total reflects the special election’s unprecedented national profile. It exploded onto the scene this spring as a potential referendum on President Donald Trump’s […]

NBI on NPR: Why so many fundraising emails?

Drowning in Political Fundraising Email? Our CEO Taryn Rosenkranz explains the why and just how it all started with Howard Dean.   You can read […]

In the News: Taryn Rosenkranz on Meet the Press Daily

Our CEO joined Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Daily to talk political fundraising emails and the science behind them.    

In the News: Barack Obama’s digital strategists search for place in Hillary Clinton’s world

A safer bet, say campaign tech experts, is attending to the plumbing that any party nominee will rely upon eventually. Taryn Rosenkranz, a longtime Democratic […]