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In the News: Iowa Straw Polls

In the News: Chris Christie’s Tax Plan

In the News: Controversy over potential welfare abuse

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In the News: 2016 candidates spin Supreme Court gay marriage case

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Getting Back to Email Fundraising Basics

Campaigns have been questioning whether their over-the-top email programs helped or possibly even hindered their efforts last cycle. Going into 2014, the conventional wisdom said […]

Nationalizing Campaigns to Gain Support and Donations

Taryn Rosenkranz on Digital Politics Radio: Online and offline need to be combined for effective fundraising, value of small contributors, impact of political surrogates, and […]

In the News: AAPC Announces Inaugural Class of 40 Under 40 Award Winners

The American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC)—America’s only network of political professionals— today announced the winners of its new 40 Under 40 Awards program recognizing […]

In the News: Dems Probably Won’t Take The House, So Why Are They Raising So Much?

“The best way to sort of summarize it is that they found ways for folks to get involved that weren’t just fundraising,” says digital strategies […]

In the News: Scammers, hackers and spies hit campaign trail

Consultants say that most campaigns are aware of their vulnerabilities — even if they don’t always have the resources they wish they could dedicate to […]

Netroots Nation: List building crash course: Avoiding the spam traps

Q: In your opinion, what is the most common mistake that organizations make when building their list? A: Uploading old lists or worse uploading the voter […]