In the News: Will The Online Campaign Kill The TV Ad?

“With people watching less television, there’s a category of people you’re not catching on TV, who don’t have landlines [and so can’t be reached by robocalls or pollsters]. But they are Internet users,” said Taryn Rosenkranz, whose consulting firm New Blue Interactive works to build online support for progressive candidates. “The amount of minutes that people spend on the Internet has increased each year by double.”

Reprinted from the Huffington Post

The political consulting industry knows how to do one thing very, very well. Give a consultant a few million dollars and he or she will test a message, blanket the airwaves with it, run a poll and show you it has moved the numbers. But nearly a decade after Howard Dean’s campaign for president introduced the Internet to the political world, that reliance on traditional media remains the dominant strategy.

As The Huffington Post┬áreported Tuesday,┬ápolitical consultants have already had their hands on $466 million this election cycle, with the largest portion of it flowing through them — with the requisite commission skimmed, of course — to pay for television ads.

The consultants face a problem, however: Fewer people are kicking back on the couch to watch live TV, a long-term trend that shows no signs of reversing itself. Even as record amounts of money are being shoveled at local network affiliates lucky enough to have media markets in swing states, a new generation of consultants has its eye on the post-television era.

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